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Goodbye lordswm

AuthorGoodbye lordswm
i got a new career and to much time to play i wish u all well and hope that you enjoy this game as much as you can so i am retiring as my native faction the elf
i like to say i miss you my friends and for those who i dont know i wish you luck and for those who dont care so what
idk u. idc. still in return: gl & bb )
Bye; good luck in real life.
Bye. Keep in touch
Well, hun, It was nice to have you by my side for as well as it lasts. Have fun in your new life, and like TS said, keep in touch, do like Skunder, comes in, once in a while to say hi. I will miss you loads, we will miss you loads.
I'm doing like Skunder...

Good luck, have fun, and see you soon.
^^ As long as can comeback, you never retired ;)

Good luck, have fun, and see you soon.
good luck,in real life.. :)
Goodbye and all the best in your life.
Yea, we should all do like Skynder... :D

Goodbye and good luck, Az ^_^
Bye Bye :)
BB with love
Good luck with your real life we hope you touch the great heights of success and do show up to us time to time to just say hi and tell us about your success stories.Thank you for being such a good friend.

Don't expect a goodbye from me coz I believe you will come back:)
and good luck in real life
I am waiting for coming back
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