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account blocked

Authoraccount blocked
my main mega0impact was blocked for 2 reasons.
one was illegal financial assit from multichar and the other not posting info on multi char.
the second reason is wrong. i posted info on both mega0impact and my multi l0rd_of_elves that mega0impact was my main. and the other a multi char. So i wonder why that was given as a reason.
second. the illegal financial assist was a very long time ago and it was a small amount on 2 items, and besides i offered to pay penalty to clear that problem 1 year ago but all of a sudden both char are blocked. any ways to request for unblock? i cant send any pmail case im level 1.

Thank you,
get to lvl 3 and send pm to "Secretary"
You need to mail the Secretary

If you can't send pm from level 1 then level to 3 quickly.
im trying should take a few days.
change faction to DE or barb and it should take you a couple of hours. just do duels
3.11. Any transfers, (including those through the market or through a third party), combats (including those with other players involved) and "Two Towers" games between multiple characters of one person are prohibited.
3.13.3. Additional characters are not allowed to transfer items for repairing or enchanting.
Smiths and enchanters accepting transfers from multichars share responsibility for violation of this rule.
3.13.4. Additional characters are not allowed to take or give items for rent.

Hope this helps explain it.
of cours ei knew that.. but not 1 year ago, and if you looked at the complaints forum you will see i apologized when someone dug that tiny 2 transfers up a year ago and i offered to pay penalty but all of a sudden block.. and one of the reasons for block was wrong. besides, its a bit too harsh dont you think? the profit i made form transfer was only a few k, but i was willing to pay more than double that amount. and its not like i was deliberately doing it every day or week or what.
anyway no point arguing now ill just write once i turn level 3 and see what happens
There is another possibility.

https://www.lordswm.com/clan_info.php?id=7373 <- Check out the clan info

There are ways of getting blocked that some people don't expect. Repeated instances of insults/flooding in battle, for example, can result in being blocked.

Insults in battles, tavern, private mail. Swearing, rudeness, threats, flood.
- first infringement, 5,000 gold
- second infringement, 10,000 gold
- third infringement, 20,000 gold
- fourth infringement, 40,000 gold
- fifth infringement, 100,000 gold
- sixth infringement = character block.
There is possibility of premature block in exceptional cases.

I counted at least 3 such infringements in your transfer log. Perhaps, when combined with the other irregularities, it was deemed to be an exceptional case.

as i said. it was 1 year ago, and i promised not to do it again since and havent done then.
the reason given for block is half wrong.
i apologized for the infringement (hey i only had the 1st there wasnt any other 5 penalties beforehand)
i offered to pay a penalty to make up more than what was transfered.

anyways. its up to secretatry and lexa. ill ask them and see what happens. unblock, good. i play on. no unblock, too bad real life takes over.
closed by mega00impact (2011-03-14 10:16:54)
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