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Optional Skill Point distribution!

AuthorOptional Skill Point distribution!
First: I am aware, that it is forbidden to create topics with suggestions of changing the experience/skill points award formulas.

My suggestion is about distributing the Skill Points SP -not about getting more-.

I suggest that after each battle you get to choose from following options:

1. All SP go to your faction. (That's is the way it is now.)

2. SP are distributed 90% to your faction and 10% your opponents faction. (For example: A Dark Elf hunts down Farmers (Knight). So he gains 0.45 SP in DE faction and 0.05 SP in Knight faction.

(Instead of 90% to 10% a different distribution is possible.)

I would appreciate this option because,

- you can level up faction level in all factions. (Especially factions, like Knight and Necro, who depend heavily on their faction level. So you can start Knight on high level with faction skill 1 or even 2.)

- same goes for Dwarfs, when they are implemented.

- the idea of faction skill as defensive skill is taken into account this way.

- the implementation allows you to choose, what seems best for your situation.

- the number of SP is not increased.

+1 why not?
-1 definitely not

Many people have worked/are working very hard to raise other factions. Castles cost a lot of money. There is no way you should be able to redistribute your faction skill points and level up factions free. I could become a level 10 knight without having ever played it at all.
i don't need them
-1 if its mandatory
if it asks whether u want it or not
then +1 y not

i like this idea...)
Transferring points should have some price.

For example:
1 skill point = 1000 gold

So, if:
- you have 0 skill points in Knight faction
- you want to transfer 160 point from other faction
then level 4 Knight will cost you 160000 gold.

This could be useful for high level players who want to change their faction.
- you have 0 skill points in Knight faction
- you want to transfer 160 point from other faction
then level 4 Knight will cost you 160000 gold.

I thing this is not what he meant. We can't distribute the FSP we get. When we do battle, a part of the FSP we gain(10%) will be added to the faction to which enemy belongs or you can chose to take the whole 100% to the faction you are playing with.
for vishnus:
I know what he meant - he wants to get fsp for free.
I saying that it shouldn't be free (Elven_Lord explained very well why).
Additional facts:

Most important:
- Getting skill in the factions you fight, seems very reasonable to me, as you learn something about their skills, when fighting them.

Besides that:
- You get no free FSP! (You get the same SP in total.)

- You practically will not be able to get a certain faction to faction level 10 without playing it.
(You would need to gain 53000 SP in your main faction, while only fighting the faction you want to level.)

- The purpose is to make changing to faction skill dependant factions easier!
(If you did choose to distribute the 5300 skill points you get on the way to faction level 10 in your main faction the way i suggested, you will only have 4846 FSP (4770 + 76) in your faction, meaning faction level 9, and in average 76 FSP in every other faction, meaning faction level 2. (As there are neutral creatures you actually will have less.))

About my motivation:
I can only say, that it is very frustrating playing Necro (Knight) on level 9 with faction level 3, 4, or even 0. It will be worse if you did change on level 12 or higher... You spend a million for your castle, but are no match for other players your level as you have less troops. This frustration won't be all gone, but will be lowered.

Well the reason i'm so emoted by this is becauseive been working my arse off to build up racial resistance. building factions from the very bottom up, currently very low faction necromancer and will be doing knight in just a couple of months. I don't think my achievement should go to waste and furthermore i dont think you should be able to get faction 2 in all other factions through normal play and attain a permanent 6% resistance.
i dont like people get other factions fsp for free

It makes sense that you'd learn something about your opponents while fighting them. Having that experience translate to a small percentage of fsp for that faction is a good idea, but I think there should be an improvement in the castle of that faction which allows you to gain fsp in that way. That way it's not too willy-nilly.

And to all the naysayers out there, don't forget the Insight Tournaments. I guess we've only had one, and that sucks. But, I was able to build my demon faction a little bit, without having to switch factions. I can't wait for more of those. Asides aside, it means the mechanic for this improvement is already in place.

-1 What Elven said.
In order to be able to train multiple factions much gold and time is required and it's pretty fair for the benefits you get as it is.

And it won't ever be implemented anyway.
been working hard for my factions if you want other fsp then change and do it the hard way like everyone else

There should also be an option NOT to distribute the Skill Points. This would make it convenient for those who wanna concentrate on one faction at a time.
This idea hurts all existing multi-faction players. To balance it you might pair this with one of the many already existing ideas on having multiple castles like in homm.

Right now a player with multiple castles mainly just does so for faction resist, which is what this idea is about. It wouldn't work to let a player use all creatures from all his castles, but maybe let him mix and match his tiers. For example a knight can trade his xbows (tier2) for shrews (tier2) if he has the shrew building.

Another idea would be reinforcements like how STs, raids, and conspirators operate.

And to balance this so that rich players don't just build all the castles and still do this with 0 faction levels, the new idea's effectiveness would be balanced with faction level. Many complain about how some faction's special ability is useless.
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