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#684 The Vanguard of Ronins

Author#684 The Vanguard of Ronins
Shunning all society, this exquisite corner is only for those who don't need no authorities' or societies' recognition to measure their worth.

Joining fee: 1.200.000 gold.

(All ronins, obviously, get their Katana repaired for free!)
only 1200000? or did you mean 12million O.o?
omg... i wonder if any1 joins=D
That join fee is really high lol. How does your recruitment go? Good luck ^
Sorry, I forgot to add the link to the clan: https://www.lordswm.com/clan_info.php?id=7684

New Offer: For a limited time only, huge discounts apply. Hurry now, and you can join for the bargain price of 1.400.000 gold!

Remember: The spots are limited! Hurry now why the offer is HOT!...

for naapa92:
No, I've adjusted the price to further promote the clan. Rush now while it lasts!

for Atheros:
Yes, someone already had!

for limustudotcom:
Define high. Recruitment works marvelous. We are one step away (one single member more), and we could actually, *in principle*, militarize!!!
The bargain offer for joining fee discount is over.

Joining fee: 1.500.000 gold.
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