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Lvl 15 only reward faction

AuthorLvl 15 only reward faction
in the upcoming ideas section in this part of the forum it said you were coming up with new races. i was wondering if you could make it impossible to join the faction untill you hit lvl 15 and when you changed you couldn't just build all the lvl15 upgrades but make you start at level one with this faction. if the lvl 15s didnt like it they could simply switch back to their old faction with no penaltys what so ever. i apoligise for the misspelling
What? this doesnt make much sense. please rephrase?

are you suggesting when you reach lv 15 you just go back to lv 1 and start again? I can't see that going down a storm with the community... = s
what i meant is that once you reach lvl 15 you get a reward faction you can work on as a level one with super unique units that only about 20 will have in the game. instead of starting with the ability to build and unlock everything, which is no fun, you can have the experience of leveling up again with a better faction.if you dont like the faction you can always go back to being a lvl 15 necromancer or whatever
what are you supposed to fight as a new reborn level 1? Only pvps? And it won't be balanced at all.

if you think it's easy to switch faction try gathering over 1 mil gold for structures in castle...
Pffff... -1
i agree even tho im only lvl 6 :P

it could work say as and eveolved race like when u get 2 lvl 12+ then there is a link to a evolved type of this game. I cant realy explain the whole thing but you get the point right?
^^ i didnt realy explain properly....
i think there should be an evlolved lords of war where only lvl 12+ can enter (like i a time portal) so the charters in this game will have turned more modern (like a new age).
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