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Lvl 9 Min ap battles

AuthorLvl 9 Min ap battles
Is there anybody out there to do min ap group battles or everyone for oneself battles??
It is so hard to find ppl who do group battles.
6 members Every one for oneself battles look like so much fun but there nobody out there to do it..
Pls join in lords :)
hi sure sounds good are there more people into it?
I hope they keep coming.. Its real fun like the battle we just had.
yepp...it was really a gud battle...
i am in
every one for oneself when u see me online send me a pm
i'm in as well just pm me when i'm online

Im always ready (except when Im not)!!!!
reaper i couldd join those min ap group battles:D
I will make sure those are set only for lvl 9 :) Wouldn't want u to ruin it :P
i'm up for it count me in send me a pm if i'm online
me 2 send me pm whenever you want to have such battles
pm me whenever im online im in it
pm me if i'm online
i may not always be able to join but if i have the time i will
count me too
PM me if I am online that time I will surely join
Add me as friend so you can see when im online i love Min ap battle both group and all on all battles. would love to find a group to play many good battles with. and most of all have a good time while we all togheter lvl and raise our skills.
random 2v2 anyone want to join
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