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Why has Dark alliance gone from the best to the worst clan?

AuthorWhy has Dark alliance gone from the best to the worst clan?
Ive been with dark alliance for years, since lvl 3, and ive saw 3 different leaders in my time, but it started going bad about 1year ago, when the clan that is suppose to be very active went dead, and the events and battles faded away. Since it became a military clan, the fun went away, people started leaving and in-experienced players joining. Which shows the clan wanted anyone to join just to add numbers. Hope the clan can be successful again in the future, cya :)

Don't think its smart to start a public debate on which MC is good and bad. It is subjective and will surely end in a flaming war.
delirium, the clan as he was strong and going strong! this theme creates a player who has not played ...
Yes, I personally don't think it is fair for you to burn on other peoples military clans. I wouldn't want to hear you saying stuff like that about LOS and im sure DA don't want it either. As much as I agree there should be a higher state of healthy rivalry between MCs and less hatred towards each other this is not the way to approach things. Please don't bully #102 nobody here wants to see that.
Ok sorry if you took it personal
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