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AuthorOld times on heroeswm.com
i started playing back in June 2008, in the week the talent wheel was introduced, i remember everyone was talking about that :)

top players were lvl 8 i think... i remember the gameplay had a lot of bugs, Arctic was already the man to address such stuff and if i remember correctly, there were only 5 territorries on the map (GC, EB, SL, BG and YL).
why did they remove the blood from the game?
i cant find btw now the blood option for creatures
im more interested how come this thread suddenly got revived 10 years later lol
The times where you could change your faction once per day and reset your skill points only by money.

I remember necro was a funny faction. In every battle you gained some skeletons to your reserve, you could sell/buy them at market, so it was a standard that the end of battle everyone was raising their troops :)
Lol didn't noticed its back from 2011
what about getting banned for bad trade deals cause you didnt know better
or better yet the old cost of arts
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