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matomato12 is idiot

Authormatomato12 is idiot
i woke up this morning at my ex girlfriends house but i coulnt remember shit of what happened last night
Topic moved from "Gratitudes and congratulations" to "Off-game forum".
Ask your ex-g.f.? if she is still around you,somewhere (?)

see, what she says :D
are you ok!you are insulting yourself in forums or something.What are you talking about?
no i'm no logged on from her house i kinda escaped :P
Cannot disagree with the header ^^
Cannot disagree with the header ^^
Cannot disagree with the header ^^

wtf ? woke up in ur ex-gf's house ?!
were u at a party the eve ? or did u brk in her house :P ?
ask her dude
[Player banned by moderator Jedi-Knight until 2011-06-03 13:57:51 // Mmmmmmm... masked profanity is a no-no/Long history of masked profanity. :)]
Alcohol, drugs, sleep-walking, mental illness, or other?
[Post deleted by moderator Magier // Flood]
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