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xCNxNanda is hungry


AuthorxCNxNanda is hungry
I think Pandas can survive on flowers :)

ROFL, Someone suggest for more Flowery gifts to send to Nanda xD (forgive me Nanda :P)
Mommy is always hungry :P
Is it safe to come out now?
nanda have eaten pizza, save until 18pm i guess:p
yeah but be aware of she will be hungry again after 18 pm :D
[Post deleted by moderator Magier // Flood]
Panda gets thirsty and drinks the Flood. :)
I heard she eats BBS-es... Cos she just said on chat:
[xCNxNanda]: now i go afk
[xCNxNanda]: shower and eat bbs

(Yes, I know she meant Be Back Soon... but it fit the joke..)
Go cook something good and feed Edwin and me!
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