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#712 Demons & Angels Academy

Author#712 Demons & Angels Academy
This is Demons & Angels Academy, the subsidiary clan of Angels & Demons Military Clan.

Due to the incredulous growth of Angels & Demons Military Clan (A&D), where we have almost reached the maximum of 250 members within 2-3 months of militarization, and not wanting to turn anyone away from joining us and enjoying our A&D's regular list of exciting events and activities, we have created a subsidiary clan so even more players can enjoy everything that is associated with Angels & Demons Military Clan.

Demons & Angels Academy (DnA) will also serves as a waiting list for members wanting to join Angels & Demons MC. When membership places for Angels & Demons Military Clan become available, the members highest up in the DnA members list who meets the entry requirement will be invited to join.

Demons & Angels Academy is more than just a clan. We are a clan for everyone, of all ages. If you are a warrior, and likes to fight, we have a host of regular battle-related activities. If you have RL family/work/studies commitments and can't do constant long-drawn battles, we have not forgotten you. We have non-battle activities and events to cater for you too, to do at your own pace and leisure.

Members can expect regular friendly competitions, tournaments, team (Angels vs Demons) and role-playing events, contests, quizzes, lucky draws etc. We also have friendly inter-clan events between us and our bigger brother, A&D MC. These activities will help build up our clan spirit, foster strong bonds and friendships and prepare the warriors in us well in times of war.

Together, in one spirit, we shall be the role model for other clans to aspire to.

We shall lead, others will follow.

Demons & Angels Academy will represent everything that a clan should be in the world of Lords of War and Money.

Clan page: https://www.lordswm.com/clan_info.php?id=7712

Entry Requirement:
5000 nuggets contribution to clan treasury. Members who are later eligible and/or invited to join Angels & Demons Military Clan will only pay 10k gold entry fee.
Minimum combat level 5.
Main characters only.
Must not be a member of any military clan.
Male or Female, preferably homo sapiens. Exemptions will be considered on a case by case basis.
Contact me or one of our official Recruiters for an invitation, whoever is online at that time.
The dust has settled on a week of hunts and the best and most prolific hunters have risen from amongst us.

In third place, with a total of 59 points:

In second place, with a total of 66 points:

In first place, with a total of 71 points:

[End Announcement]
We, the Academy, are always open for people to join. People that share our values and vision for the future.

But we draw the line at members that are too proud and think they deserve a place just because they are, in their own mind, the best in the world.

I personally reject any application that demands entry into the clan because they are of a certain level or because the clan would regret it if we didn't accept them.

Humbleness is a virtue. It is a desired virtue.
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