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King of the hill


AuthorKing of the hill
IN this game you strive to be King Of The hill

im king of the hill and put all anti king systems to stop any other king
I, a lowly peasant, walk past all your anti king systems as they are not designed to stop a peasant, and destroy you, taking your crown. I am the new king.

I have no interest in this game, but just wanted to be a smart alec to the OP. :-) Anyone can happily have my crown.
I take the crown, melt it down, and make my arts more shiney!
while you sleep i steal your arts and store them in a secret location unknown to anyone except everyone :)
I go in the forest and craft a crown made of leafs and I'm going on the top of the hill and proclaim myself the King of The Hill.

(What's the use of having arts. Our purpose is to be the KoTH)
well as your about to get to the top i push you down and take your crown
I get a shovel and steal the whole hill and put it in my backyard!
I dont care who is the king of the hill, because the hill is mine, along with the king.
i nationalize your hill for the Empire's sake and the Empress makes me KotH
for syrian: i am beaten my lord
i am beaten

don't be! i bet soon some rebel will come and chop my head off for working in aid the Empire... oh well, that's life :p
i nationalize your hill for the Empire's sake and the Empress makes me KotH

I hire some expert kidnappers to kidnap the Empress and release her in exchange for the hill. So I become the king of the hill.
you all are fighting over the wrong hill. mine is bigger =)
mine is bigger =)

may be, but there's no king on it XD
lol syrian:)
I run TBI over with a donut and claim the hill for myself.
I create a secret tunnel to the top of the hill and take you as a prisoner so I become the king of the hill.
What are you doing in my backyard anyways?
i've planted a bomb in the hill that i will detonate if anyone takes it off me
i call the bomb squad , defuse the bomb and run away with the crown to the forest of arden
I get some lions to attack you destroy the crown and slave everyone and become king of the hill

So my game did become a smlall hit
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