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King of the hill


AuthorKing of the hill
i cast berserker on your lions and as they get mad they attack you.
the crown falls and is taken by me
so i become the king of hill :)
I build a bigger hill, and take the crown because i am taller
God comes to help me and I get the crown
I destroy all the clouds and it falls back onto me
It hits you and makes you faint, Then I take it.
But i send an army of griffens to take it off your head and fly away
I bribe your griffins and they bring the crown to me.

I am the king
as your servant I'll poison you... when your enjoying your meal you'll pass out and I take your crown

now I'm queen of the hill ^^
I accuse you of homicide and all people make a revolution against you, making me the King of The Hill.
i call you blasphemous because your military clan emblem implies that you are god..i bring a posse of angry villagers around 2 million of them as they like god and they kill you and i claim the hill for myself
Hunt those 2 million villagers and makes a record :P
I take your crown and become the King.
i vastly miscounted the posses size in actual fact there are 5million plus once they die they become zombies
I encourage zombies to get revenge on ninja9 and we take the hill back, so I organize them and we succeed, then they claim me the King of The Hill.
so confused.
You little kids playing with hills... *Piles up some dirt*

I'm the king of the mountain!
sorry its out of topic

I get all creatures of barbs and baehemoths are creature who have most life nothing can kuill them in hindid they are amar so noone can beat me no poiosonng and I have done no wrong BOOOOBHAHAHAHAH
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