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40th ST lvl 6


Author40th ST lvl 6
Yeah, if u play 4 tries
for Scream:
u will not even hit 10%
Who can suggest how ta kill wolves with knight?
for Make_my_Day:
You do realise that hit/miss is 50%.. and 1 in three attempt must be a hit...
for Nav_lfc:
thx teacher, not news for me

i'm talking about eventuality
more random - less confidence
tired to explain to noobs what i'm talking about
for Make_my_Day:
Ok let me give you advice then, it looks like you need it...

Use 4 stacks of 1 poisoner each to ensure hit on appas.. as simple as that. Use 10% stuff was just random rubbish, get over it...
Any demon scores out there?
i'm not gonna play
i'm too weak to win
for Make_my_Day:
how many points your best score?
barbarian 13ka+
jesus 4ygka, you are a God with this lol
wizards with mana got no chance with those imps... :(...so i turned myself to might..
closed by Lord Scream (2011-07-20 07:13:29)
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