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[Lease][Shop Arts from lvl 3 - lvl 12][Any number of Combat]

Author[Lease][Shop Arts from lvl 3 - lvl 12][Any number of Combat]
Leasing arts (per battle):

Reprisal sword - 75g
Sword of retribution - 110g
Equilibrium blade - 125g
Silver partisan - 260g
Sword of might - 175g
Mithril longsword - 300g
Ruby gladius - 310g

Leather helmet - 60g
Chain helmet - 80g
Steel helmet - 95g
Light mithril coif - 120g
Heavy mithril coif - 135g

Leather harness - 90g
Hauberk - 105g
Steel cuirass - 110g
Light mithril cuirass - 135g
Platemail - 170g

Leather boots - 65g
Galoshes of battle - 70g
Shoes of aspiration - 95g
Steel boots - 130g
Light mithril boots - 180g
Heavy mithril boots - 165g

Defender's dagger - 140g
Defender shield - 70g
Dragon shield -175g
Tower shield - 185g

Scout's cape - 50g
Short bow - 55g
Cape of winds - 95g
Longbow - 175g
Composite bow - 200g

Medal of bravery - 65g
Amulet of luck - 80g
Pendant of despair - 170g
Warrior pendant - 210g

Ring of inspiration - 130g
Signet-ring of might - 245g

Discounts will be given when loan as a whole set, and from 3rd battle onwards...

Full set availablity is displayed on my PM, can look at it before asking your arts...
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