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40th survival tourney result


Author40th survival tourney result
2nd place, but i just have forgotten wave 12 and raised to early. 9 mana i could have won... :D
1st lvl 12 Barb
Mí first 1st place :)
for DoomStJohn:
omg my best try wasnt considered :( i could have gold medal...
im 2nd :D i participated only 1 time and i borrowed arts from Quephalash whos first :D Gratz!
u have won goldmedal, if there is no other lord playing a higher score now, till all running st battles are done
2nd place)
Number 1 lvl 3 and number 5 lvl 4. Sdo when sdo we get our prizes?
for Glenwing:

most probably at friday-saturday
Alt got 3rd for level 3 Knights with 2 tries. Not bad I guess;)
ahah gold, 2 tryes for results, else for xp)))
i got first place in just 1 attempt...:))
for Dork_lOrd:
you dont have serious opponents)
for Dork_lOrd:
any way u will be blocked for illegal transfers
i reported, to give you a lesson
for Dork_lOrd:
better start playing fairly or stop playing at all
for Make_my_day:
i am sorry,i thought that transferring my gold and stop using that account is not illegal,i haven't used that account since last 2 months..if it is illegal i can send back all gold which i have taken...will that help..??
for Make_my_Day:
What is your position at this time?)
for Dork_lOrd:
Confession will not save you
Great LOL - won with try, where my bows were poisoned by 18 genies xD
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