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i will give artifacts weapons for lv 3 to lv 8

Authori will give artifacts weapons for lv 3 to lv 8
leather hat - 40 gold only

leather armor - 55 gold only

lether jackboots - 50 gold only

steel bucker - 60 gold only

wooden sword - 50 gold only

if you asked for 5 battle i will give 10 % discount
2. Thread headers in this branch must fit the following standard:
[Transaction type][Item][Mod][Rent period or Price]

[Transaction type] - compulsory for indicating, either [Lease] or [Rent] only. [Transaction type] - compulsory for indicating, either [Lease] or [Rent] only. Use [Lease] if you want others to rent your artifacts. Use [Rent] if you want to rent another player's artifacts.
[Item] - compulsory for indicating. If there are multiple items to trade, it is required to type [Various artifacts] or other relevant batch item description. It is forbidden to list multiple item names in [Item] parameter.
[Mod] - compulsory parameter in case if the item is enchanted. In case of multiple enchanted items being subject of trade, it is only indicated if all items have exact same mods. In all other cases mod descriptions are given in the thread.
Enchantment codes are used to indicate mods. Details: https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=39
[Rent period or price] - compulsory parameter. When renting, it is recommended to indicate the amount of combats you wish to rent the item for. If multiple items are subject of trade, this parameter is indicated for each item separately inside the thread.
For official sets, this parameter is given for the batch of items, not for every one item of the set. Details about batch renting must by all means be listed in the thread name.
The thread must list only price for 1 combat, not cumulative nor discount system one. If the rent price depends on the optional package preferred by the Renter, the price may be indicated as a range using the dash "-". In cases when the items are leased not per combat, but for example for full durability, it is possible to list the minimal combat number and rent price for all those combats (c.f. examples).
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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