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Clan alliance

AuthorClan alliance
Hey fellow lordswm players, i am look for a clan leader with 100-300 members 2 form an alliance with my clan #331 c;an of heroes, we could be partner clans
[Player banned by moderator Jedi-Knight until 2011-07-19 15:56:10 // Local rules 1, 6.7/Warning]
With reference to: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1868260

1. Every clan may have up to one thread for its advertisement in this forum. The title of this thread must only refer to clan name and number, e.g.: #10 "LWM - Forum moderators".

This thread will serve as an additional advertising for your clan, both in exposure and as a 'partner' clan (whatever that entails)

6.7. Posting "I want to join this clan."-like threads. If you are searching for a clan, look in the clan forum and contact the leader or the recruiters of the clan(s) you are interested in.

This post is a form of Clan searching, and thus forbidden in the clan forums
Kindly read the Local Rules before posting.


Might save you time and some unnecessary bans.
closed by Lord Jedi-Knight (2011-07-19 19:49:55)
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