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Admins wake up! its time to rock n roll at .com :)


AuthorAdmins wake up! its time to rock n roll at .com :)
if ru got great succes then we can start to get chance
for Vladimir1982:
its interesting question
ru-server has a lot of innovations, new faction, tournaments and etc
10000 players online all the time
but here... I think they need to advertise this project and its money investing
they dont need that now

sell this project they cant, because they dont want to give anyone programm code

New players do come, but most of them go after playing for a few month. Why? Because of the lack of admins (updates, cheaters being banned, talking with the players about the future of the game and so on).

I've invited 14 hard core players over the time. And they all left...

I was glad when I saw the message about the conversation with Arctic but deep inside I knew what will happen .... nothing as usually

Sorry about the server com

So Sorry So
I finally gave up on the idea of updates. I just play the game for what it is and enjoy what I can. If something does happen then it is an unexpected bonus. This game has massive potential, but for whatever reason the owner/creator of the game does not care.
We need Arctic back, just it... Or some like he :/
I think the game is great like it is, the new updates are amazing, everything is perfect, now we just need raise the number of players, maybe to 2k - 5k

And we will have the best game ever.
The main problem is that its a vicious circle. The admins cannot give us updates way too regularly, because they will run out of updates soon that way. they give us an update and then wait for us to get used to that change, make use of it.

The best way to make the admins push updates more regularly, is having more players, which should result in increased revenue for the company. That will increase the number of admins/staff which will improve the game.

I think the admins might wanna look at ways to advertise this game (since I am not sure how widely we advertize this game).

All the comments in this post are my hypotheses. Facts might differ in reality.
509 The numbers of mods can increase, but i don't think is "needed" increase the number of admins if number of players increase...
No Survival Tournament announced, so something need to happen here soon.
Yes , Card Tournaments ;p
No tourament, no event!
so.. clan war?
Players should stop purchasing diamonds. Why?
-Because on ru, diamonds uprades etc have got same price as com. Its not fair!
If we get no regular events, upgrades, ST etc diamonds prices should decrease their price. We shouldnt price admins for nothing...
If we get no regular events, upgrades, ST etc diamonds prices should decrease their price.

Not likely...
I usually don't expect much... But it's hard not to expect anything when there's always been -something- around the end of the year. So I still expect some event to come soon. :D

weekend gone... still nothing happened.
Conclusion: just imagine here a text which would be erased later by forum moderators.
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