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bring RL casino's discount tradition to LWM roulette

Authorbring RL casino's discount tradition to LWM roulette
when a regular and high stakes player loses a lot in a night, casinos give them back a small portion of their loss, generaly 10%, if whale class player than even more percentage returned.

This was called discount, casino management knows by experience that discount would get back in multitude.

In LWM, Most ventursome player of the day deserves such a discount, much better if he finds 10% of that night's loss in his balance, to start betting again OR with a remote chance, buy some arts and keep playing instead cursing his luck and removing LWM's link from his browser.

Admins, please dont be so cruel,

most succesfull player is already very happy.
On the other hand, getting a MVP "achievement" is like adding insult to injury. At least pay them back a bit gold from what they already lost.
Though I think 10% is too much. It's not like the house gets that big of an advantage. Plus the casino usually push their other businesses such as food, drinks, and hotel with discounts instead. So a free $500 room stay doesn't mean the casino is losing $500, it means they are losing like $100, advertise their rooms, and keep gamblers gambling.
I think this should only apply to big bets, not just anyone with "MVP" status.

The person should be a roulette achievement holder and bet at least 1 million each bet for the last three bets. If all three lost, he will get a "taxi fare" of 100 gold pieces back as compensation, ok?

Ok. Seriously? How would this help the game (not roulette, not gamblers, the main game of Lords of War and Money).
Ok. Seriously? How would this help the game

Does it have to "help" the game? The bank has 5.2% advantage in average of roulette, so why not pay one dude (the unluckiest) back 10% of his stuff. When 2 people played (and wasted 5.2% to the bank) the bank can pay back the poor one for 10% without disadvantage.

And in case of 1000 gamblers (like here) the bank still does 500 times as much profit.
this will only encourage roulette, therefor i do not like the idea.
+1 Make roulette an even more challenge provoking place !! :)

trust selfist he knows of RL casinos ;)
Hmm .. I agree with this one .. :) Like casino .. but the system has to be fully introduced first to all players .. :)

Also I want to add for gamblers guild, make it like Poker .. :) will be much more fun ... :) But the cards are still the same like the current ones .. :)
i just wonder will you donate those gold (won from roulette) to casino after you had win alot from them BECAUSE you had cause them heavy lose :s

i dont think someone will do that; i bet he will either complain when he LOSE too much OR remain silent when he win alot XD
this will only encourage roulette, therefor i do not like the idea.

If u don't want to lose, just don't go to roulette ;)
How about this: just give me 1 million and permanently ban me from roulette? :)
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