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Banned players' forum


AuthorBanned players' forum
I suggest that the game have a banned player's forum where banned players can explain why they did not follow the rules.
+1 And only banned players are able to read it. :o)
Don't forget that admins must read too.
And what about moderating that special forum? Don't forget, after getting ban players can become very angry, thay might not have controlled their emotions and write at that forum insults, abusing words and etc.


but won't most of them want to become the mighty "unbanned"? to do such, most of them should not use abusive words/insulting unless they really wanna quit;;
#5 bans without any reason are given really seldom. but, if you think, that you get banned for nothing and you can prove that (by quotes from forum rules or etc.), ask about that any moderator with enough experience and explain him situation. if he agree with you, he'll re-ban you again for 1 min.
ask about that any moderator

forgot to add, in private mail or by any other way of communication
+1 Further:
Let's make a banned clan and it can have a banned from chat chat.
+1 would be nice
+1 Yeah cool forum!Hah banned means never can talk,but this is weird!But i like it!
+1 :) great idea
naapa would surely love it:

+1 anyways flowing in the crowd
the only wrong forum bans come from lexa
discussing against him is pointless

so -1

And also, a very small understaffed server with little admin attention for the blocked players! Oh wait...
how about an 18+ so we can say whatever we want with no mods
Are you guys serious? This is close to the worst idea i've ever heard.
so one little doubt.If a player is banned and if he posted on a banned forum,then he/she insulted about a admin,will he be banned?From where ?Banned forum?

Actually he/she is banned only for that,then again a ban?Does that make sense?
I understand why it would be nice.
It'd give banned players a legitimate place to make their appeal and explain.

However, I think these appeal posts would just disappear in a sea of complaining and swearing.
You can hardly expect banned players to keep to forum rules and be civilized.
-1 then why is punishment for?

+1 to post 19
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