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Market learn how to win money.


AuthorMarket learn how to win money.
there will ALWAYS be that one person who sells for less. its been proven by society over and over. and this will never change even IF you were to be correct. the world will never be perfect, not everyone is rational.
listen decaywolf.

current way : people buy an item to enroll at a production facility and then sell the item = around 60 gold when item sold

your proposed way : everybody puts defender shields on market for 500 gold profit. if everyone is selling them then if they need one they keep it. then you are saying there are lazy people who would over pay instead of travel. this is reasonable BUT thats one person over a day. so there is hundreds of people selling defender shields and only a couple lazy people buying and overpaying. no one would be able to sell fast
60 G per hour? When can sell the item? as you yourself said
mageof10 Not some one who have a historic of sell 10 Shields per day.. They sell very quickly if you are not trying to make 500g profit each. Many people sell 10+ per day. When price in market is lower than price in facility then smart people buy from market and Def Shields are very heavily used.

So what we have are lots of people making 600+ gold per day after the loss of selling cheap.

You would prefer all these people stop profiting from higher enrolling so you can sell 1 shield per day and make 500g profit.

winners = 1 : DecayWolf makes 500g profit some days (some he wont sell shield)

lossers = 100s of people losing their 600g higher enrollment wage, 100s of people having to pay more for shields because no longer cheap on market.

I have tried very hard to explain the simple basics of making money from the market. I have failed in this so guess you are going to have to learn from experience instead. In any case, I give up.

I said max of 2% - 3% profit, you know how much is it? like 30 gold profit.

And it's a very good for us, and don't gonna increase like nothing...

@23 i'm a loser who look for the enrrollament others buy... Hey it's work!
I don't know why i waste my time making this topic and answer some such comments not all, (some comments are great like Clemency,Pantheon,Grunge, etc. don't gonna cit everyone.)

But the fact is obvios, i can't change like some people think, but stop without try it's don't exist for me.

And some comments are just freak unbelieveble... But now, i'm good about this, like i don't really care abot this anymore, if wanna stay on shit keep on it. I don't gonna move any finger anymore, or also talk anything.
closed by Lord DecayWolf (2011-10-15 14:55:25)
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