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Controlling The Protected Unit During A Vanguard

AuthorControlling The Protected Unit During A Vanguard
My suggestion is simple. We should be allowed to control the protected stack whenever we do a vanguard. Many a times, the computer makes a wrong move and turns a supposedly easy win into a disastrous situation. For example, I've had magi committing suicide, witches opening themselves up to devils,etc. Recent example: https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?warid=500577513
Yes, I did mess up with the recruits and swords but I still would have won if the witch hadn't attacked the cerberus, allowing the devil in.

So, in this way, the protected stack "entrusts its fate in the lord's hands" and situations like these are easily avoided. Vanguards are about beating the vanguard without getting the protected stack killed, not anticipating the AI.

The "stupidness" of the AI allies is part of the challenge (Why do you think they got into the situation in the first place)

Post #2 speaks it...

-1 !

i love it when 6 and 2 grem engineers kill 1 merc. archer easily and u just couldn't do anything about it lol :P

The point of playing a vanguard is to protect the stack while beating the vanguard, not anticipating the stupidity of your stack's AI.
Instead of Complaining, Than stop em' from committing a suicide! ;) That's a part of the challenge! :)
You're supposed to protect them, not control them. :P
knowing what AI allies will do under different circumstances is part of the challenge, though they do get us killed sometimes, we have to prevent that or take it into consideration before doing any moves.

they are stupid, that why they need our help.
Anticipating the idiocy of the AI's moves is not what we're supposed to do. Protecting them from the vanguard is what we're supposed to do. The purpose of fighting a vanguard is not to predict the stupidity of the AI. While it adds to the challenge, it is completely pointless to predict how idiotic the AI can get. That's not a test of strategy, that's just a test of how much you know of the AI's flaws.
-1 just play better :)
You're supposed to protect them, not control them. :P

we can protect them if they are in our control. we cant even able to move them:(
just block them easy as it is

they are stupid, that why they need our help.

Must agree with this comment... xD
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