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Tavern tourney limit


AuthorTavern tourney limit
can the tourney plz end if it's not started after an hour, this is ridiculous...
card tournament looks like losing its popularity.

maybe decrease entering fee (so the prize) ?
2k fee is almost 6 enrolls
I would have to agree on making it cheaper or make it less frequent.

see double tournament here;
I remember when at first I could not join one card tournament because it was filled with players in no time. Now I have 2 different tournaments (at the same time) and no one seems to want to join it.
OMG, almost two hours now since the last Golden Tournament. The people who were first to join it must be going crazy right now.
lol, 2k is about 13 enrolls for me. i have only about 200 enrolss...
Wow !! 30 27 mins past since the starting of the Tournament...

But only Participants: 6 out of 64
i was one of those who always joined fast. among with many others. but im afraid to join now bcos i dont want to be stuck for 2,5 hours. same reason why other regular card tourney players right now dont join - creates a dead circle
same for me I want play but afraid to be block...
already 3 tournaments there, gogo lets make them full up to one player, so that all of the games players are stuck in them, to protest against the admins ignorance ;)

Now, there is 4 tournaments at same time...
There are*
LOL and why is everyone always crying about the ru server then? they get all the updates and we get nothing, but now we got the tavern tournaments and we dont even participate in them. then dont get mad that only ru gets events and updates.
The tavern tournament must end after a limited time or so if the players r not filled we lose our money as we cannot be online the whole day. Please do something about it.
4 tourneys ?!?!?!?!?!?
if it will go this way it gonna never end
Poor players who joined the golden card tourneys last night. Never thought this could happen :(
- give players ability to withdraw from card tourney any time they want (and give all gold back)

This way players will be more willing to join.
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