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Tavern tourney limit


AuthorTavern tourney limit

"Withdraw" function add in~~~
@40: Seems I was right, just a short solution for the problem which now has come again ;)
you were not right, you are just a whiner
soon event on the russian server will be over and everything will go back to normal
We still need a long term solution, something simple like a time limit on the tourney will suffice. I'm sure the admins are workign on it though, they probably don't want to have to keep logging in to remove the tourneys
maybe keeping the game up to date with .ru can be the sol.

If they did, i would go to the nearest corner store, buy 3 six packs of bud light, and get wasted. Thats saying alot considering im 14. pfff... besides, 18 beers is nothing xD
If you don't know how to wait, than stop playing the game. We haven even more waiting time in the game. Sometimes it takes me Months till I can GC.
Yay yay !

seems empire followed my idea in resolving the problem


post no.7 ! =)
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