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Transfer password*


AuthorTransfer password*
Imo, an idea that looks good on paper, but doesn't work well in reality.

If a hacker had access to your account, all he/she needs to do is change password recovery email to the hacker's own email, and ask for password recovery for the transfer password.

If you want security from cyber attacks, try clearing the cache and logout of lords whenever u're not at the pc. Not fullproof, but that at least restrict unauthorised logins to real hackers, rather than the so-called "hackers" that just happen to walk past (or sit beside you) and mess with your account simply because it's still logged in.
a security Q is also an option
besides i said it takes 1 day to recover ur transfer pass.
so basically its a long procedure..
or it can be also made that no changing or recovering passwords for 3 days after u change ur email!
*Another Idea*
if ur e-mail is been changed there must a warning for 3 days on the character page that ur e-mail is changed..
if a hacker just enter ur account n changes ur recovery e-mail..
u won't be aware of it if ur e-mail is been changed ... if u don't enter the settings page
i don't enter so regularly so it must show *Ur e-mail has been changed **:** hours ago till 3 days :)
Sorry, this isn't a good idea. From the last 10,000 people that claim to be hacked, exactly NONE got hacked and 10,000 people did give their password to someone else/change their email in the option. People that are doing this will also turn off the optional transfer password.

At the end you have NO additional security, but only additional work - and if the whole server got hacked, than they could also turn off this feature.

This would certainly make it easier for people to share passwords so they all can enroll 24 times per day without any of the risk of giving "known cheats" (yes, you know that password sharing is illegal and you know they have your password) access to your gold, arts, etc...

I cant really see any benefits to honest players who protect their passwords and have no fear of someone who knows their password doing things they may not wish done to their characters/accounts.

I think this is a terrible idea as it makes cheating easier and safer. Cheats should be made to suffer, not be protected.
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