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Random Creature Invasions


AuthorRandom Creature Invasions
Every day has a 10% chance of being a Creature Invasion Day.
So, it would happen approximately, once every 10 days or so.

During a Creature Invasion Day, for 24 hours, a type of creatures, for example imps, battle players through out the Empire.

All logged in players are ambushed once an hour by the creature that's invading. In these battles, there is no durability loss.

Each win brings exp, fsp and HG as if it was a hunt.
Each win increases difficulty (invading numbers) for that player, for that day. After the day is over, difficulties are reset.
Level campers won't like the idea lol.

I like it +1 , it would help create the atmosphere of the setting, because right now, our empire, lakes and forests are too safe. If it was under attack and ambush, it would feel right)
+1 , i like the idea

Such a great idea. No warning, no warm up, just as an ambush. Great, I hope they implement this to the game.
Agreed ^^ A good Idea .. :)

We can be ambushed by neutrals .. :) not just thieves .. :)
Hmm I am thinking about the rides, there are some rides that should reduce the chance of being ambushed .. :)
that is awsome
coool idea +50
Why not? +1
nice idea :) +1
I like it very much :) +1
lol lvl camping how is that even possible
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