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LWM Legal Scripts


AuthorLWM Legal Scripts
Is warlog2table script still working? It's not working to me for at least one month. And i don't find any information to how editing or fix it or something like that.
maybe what's know how to change self character faction photo if can's tell me write message on week-are good luck :)
Any script still working?
all of them are still working fine for me (firefox 21.0)
Wierd... Mine is 21.0 as well.
My greasemonkey is 1.9, maybe this is the problem?

No one script is working, anyway I only miss timer one.
Worked fine

greasemonkey 1.9

Check whether if u disable them.
Nope, all able, I've tried disable and re able didn't work.
I see this issue is only happening to me...
hope everyone is having a festive holiday season.

All the scripts which works along with flash doesn't work on linux. Example Amry set and talents set.
Anyone still able to use scripts with Chrome?
are there any scripts for internet explorer?
Is there a working script who give more that 10 quick links ?
I'm sorry if this bump is considered wrong but I've made a script for the XP bars (the one on this link wasn't working properly for me), here's what my version looks like:

left is the original version, right is with the script(the stuff at max level is ignored, I mean why display a 100% bar all the time?)

Anyone want to tell me where I could upload this for people to use?
Hello. Are there any working legal scripts?
Are there any working legal scripts?

Check this site:


You can also search for heroeswm.ru scripts; those scripts can easily be adapted for com.
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