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LWM Legal Scripts


AuthorLWM Legal Scripts
By popular demand I provide a link to this ad free original source to the legal LWM scripts, approved by Arctic and legal in the eyes of the administration. Feel free to discuss and ask questions and I and the rest of WG will be very glad to help you and the LWM community.

My favourite scripts are:

1. Timers (Page 2)

2. Progress bar (Page 2)

3. Current Durability (Page 1)
Are there any talent sets and army sets scripts working with chrome?
Are there any talent sets and army sets scripts working with chrome?

unfortunely the script are made for firefox, we have a couple of very talented scrips writers in WG, I can ask them about Chrome and get back to you.

But my suggestion is ti run LWM in firefox, and use chrome for other sites. I am using that methode and I actually like having a sepperate browser for LWM alone (But I am also addicted to the game and are therefor a bit weird ;o) )
ya i use chrome!!!
come to me too :D
n tell me the procedure..
plz can anyone give me the detailed procedure for using the script
everything - from downloading 2 having them on screen
everything is axplained here
http://www.warriors-guild.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=374 [/quote

follow the links and download them, they are ZIP archived.
unzip them to get *.user.js files. (It will NOT work if you drag them directly from WinZip/WinRar)
if there are instructions in this thread to change them, right click - Open with... - Notepad. Make the changes, save the file.
saved or unchanged, drag the script file (user.js) onto any browser window. Install it.
refresh the page to see changes the script made.
um thx
but can u tell me how to unzip them
install any (or if u have already installed) packer/unpacker (winrar, 7zip etc.) right click on .zip file (script) -> unzip here or unzip to " "
thx man
no problem, always glad to help
to stay on topic - i don't use any scripts right now, don't feel like i need any but funny thing is that we can change them as we like to ;)
i opened the file in wirar but when i rightclicked, i got no opt to unzip :(
dont open it in winrar, just right click on file and when context menu pop up there should be unzip...
the opt u marked in the arrow shows extract here in my PC
i got a js file
thx al ton bro
yeah, unzip or extract, thats it
ok since most of players would not know how to use/install scripts or don't want to Read anything (or they can't - don't know):
1. install firefox
2. install GreaseMonkey plugin for firefox
3. download script file
4. unzip/unpack/extract script file
(must have installed any packer/unpacker - winrar/7zip etc., right click on *.zip sricpt file, when context menu pop up click unzip/exctract)
5. drag the script file (extracted *.js file) onto any browser window. Install it
6. refresh the page to see changes the script made.
Thx Cygara for advice adn answers :o)

Hope that more of the experienced players will help spreading these scripts to all players on LWM so we can increase the enjoyment for all!
Friends groups
Makes it possible to sort your friends into groups for better overview on your home page

This one is also really good, as it finally is possible to have more categories for your friends (or enemies ;o) )
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