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Downloaded Client

AuthorDownloaded Client
for guyb:
making a client would not remove the web version....
You can still log in from the website and play like now if you do not want to download.
There already is one.
It's called "heroes of might and magic 6".

the way I read this

I am making a suggestion to change LordsWM into a non-browser based client game.

it would CHANGE (that is, replace one by another) to a client based game (=non-browser based).

Note that it's not that simple to make a web-and-client game, and it definitely requires more ressources than what devs can/want to put in this thing.
Hmm -1 for me .. I mean this game is made to be a browser game, then all players can play easily in browser and do not need another app to play .. :)
I already play client-based games.
The claim is exactly as you said: all on the computer, so no risk of lag or freeze.
Actually it doesn't work that way: the game client is generally a self-updating one, and it will keep connecting to the server for data. As long as you 'stay on the main road', all works fine, but click on a player to get his stats and all freezes up for minutes because the game still tries to self-update AND wants to make you happy by loading the new data.

Occassional lag spikes are still better than continual issues. Plus, if you have the connection to play on a browser then the client would work just fine with issues only out of the battle phases (when they don't really hurt you).

Also, allow me to clarify; I did not intend to imply that the browser would not be still available, I understand the public computer issue.
I am sorry .. posting with multi .. :( wll not happen anymore .. :( sorry .. :(
One point. Making a client exposes code to the player, or rather increases code exposure since anyone can rip art the client to read the game code and find ways and means to hack the game.

When Apple gives up funding Abode's push for HTML 5 and supports Flash, there will no longer be a problem for Macs with flash browser programs. downloaded clients won't necessarily help your problem, the problem may even exists offline too, given the technical capabilities of a Mac.

Just buy a new Windows PC or maybe even a good Android tablet and toss the Apple stuff, uninstall Quicktime and things will get better.
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