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somebody is insulting me personally , spoiling my battles!!

Authorsomebody is insulting me personally , spoiling my battles!!
Dragon Blaze a lvl 8 elf is after my brain from today morning. he was insisting me for having duels with him for last few days. he won fast battle with 2 luck. 2nd battle ruined in net prob(he won). in the third one i asked him to equalise luck factor,which he did and lost the 3rd battle.Now I am admitting that he has got full right to take full 3 luck in elf fraction, but as he asked me first for a duel, i've also got my rights to convey him my options. moreover if he thought that my option was strictly going against him, he might not agreed the 3rd battle. but after losing the 3rd battle he started to get after my nerve in a planned way even while i am battling ( n thus spoilt my battles). plz help me out of this situation n tell me what i should do.
He disrupted my last battle where i was accompanied by sampada, if somebody seaches for the chat, he/she will get it, moreover some of his mesg r still kept in my inbox
"hey, ok, so this is what will happen, we know each other as good friends." ..................just after the battle which he spoilt by getting after my nerve he sent me this mesg which i've copy n pasted here. now tell me what i should do with this fellow Dragonblaze??
Chat: https://www.lordswm.com/battlechat.php?warid=33813355
hey guys, i said we should forgive each other, after the battle, im sorry to fatal_blow and i hope he can forgive me.
I will not annoy him in his battles, i really hope he can forgive me for what i have done, i finished complaining, will never do this again. Sorry


do you guys have any idea that there is a hide audience messages option in battles use it if someone annoys you.

there is?
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