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Talents forgotten to change before a battle!!

AuthorTalents forgotten to change before a battle!!
I'm sure many of the player's have come across this problem.
Going into a battle with wrong talents!So my suggestion is maybe just like in MG where u have a confirm box u can add another pop-up that displays ur AP and talents.
Thank You.
+1 also for troops recruitments .. :)
badly required
also for troops recruitments
but has been suggested by me before :)

this was already suggested, and as it was said then: making proper setting is part of the strategy.
If you forget about it, your mistake, that's what makes you less good than the one that thinks about it or puts a post it on his screen to remember.

Having the game treat you like a baby, telling you all you have to do, when and how, lower the skill for everybody. Uninteresting, imho.
One point. Talents were not meant to be changeable at all.

The talent system is now being tested. During this testing period, players can reset talents for their characters at any minute absolutely free of charge. Be aware that talent efficiency and/or cost can be changed at any moment; you will be notified of any changes by an official announcement.

It's only because of the faction balancing and thus talent balancing that allows talent changes to happen. After the balancing is completed, talent choices are permanent.
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