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Yellow color for arts that have been used(market lot)

AuthorYellow color for arts that have been used(market lot)
As we have the red color when the item has very less durability
we must see a yellow color even if the item is used once
as there are people who post their items that have been used
for just a little lesser price than a new item
like respiral sword(10/40) it looks similar n cheaper
so people fall for it as its not market red or any other color
i'm not criticizing anyone but that is not a gr8 way to do business as the ones who buy it are really pissed if they are doing 10 enrolls per hunt
these people won't stop so best is that we see a yellow or some other color if a used weapons is posted as a lot in the market!
thanks for ur time
Give ur Suggestions :)
there is a "full durability" box to thick, that hides all used ones.
script already done... And it s legal!
https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1911571 (second post)

Colored Durability: Market
Script that makes market lots look different according to their durability and enchantments.
full durability
there are arts that have a reasonable price when they have lower dura
so that is no solution
script already done... And it s legal!
i don't think we can keep running scripts for everything
many players don't know to do that
it will be better if its implemented by the game..
for everyone..
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