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Every one for oneself in CG

AuthorEvery one for oneself in CG
more exp,fsp & guild points
that's all!!
not many play cg actually. may be 10 play in a level but they play at different time.
i'l manage that....
its not that hard to get 4-6 players once in a day to play it ...
may be in lvl 11 u used to get it not in lvl 9 or 10 if we get then its gr8
for knightman39:
u can get it more easily
scan ur combat log..ur friend's log ....friends of friend's log
add all the players who have participated in "C" marked combat n are still at ur level
they might be around 15-20 that u'l get..
u can ask them whether they are interested to join CG...
i find minimum 5 players online for CG at a time..
i used to do i have many players in my friend list

It would be fun if we could every man for himself battles for the Commander's Guild.
I would ... if I could afford it and if everyone would kill me first :p especially you niranjan XD
for merlin36:
soo true :P
Well its a good Idea
Faster earning of CG points and more ppl on good CG lvls + tons exp & fsp
i've already suggested this before.
Isn't that already existing as FFA-type CG? (yeah, I know that almost no one can afford these...)
That FFA refers to weapon not battle type, only 3x3 is allowed in that setting.

BTW -1 to the idea
for Khellendros:
can u state a valid reason?
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