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The LWM judiciary

AuthorThe LWM judiciary
Lordswm should have a judiciary where selected players will act as judge and players can solve conflicts and other problems and plea for pardon or a less punishment

It is better than complaints forum as most Problems are not takencare properly or punishment not given rightly
It is better than complaints forum as most Problems are not taken care properly or punishment not given rightly
Complaints related 2 battles and taverns r taken care of regularly
Judiciary cud be very useful in financial cases

This exact thing used to exist. There was a 'jurors' clan that were very dedicated and hard working dealing with these exact cases. But for some reason or another the admins got tired of these guys and stopped attending to their reports. It has since been disbanded and now criminals are all but free to roam the empire, with only our keepers to stop them.
It says Its under construction
I hope the 'construction' completes soon
read this : https://www.lordswm.com/clan_log.php?id=7591

and check the date! Do not expect changement atm! But somewhen may be!
Indeed, as one of the previous "juries" we spent 100s of hours dealing with such issues.

Everything went on hold however once Arctic became less active and we were all removed from clan without any notice/discussion/etc from admins.

On a plus side though Lexa has since been dealing with cheats and the situation (and chances of cheats going unpunished) is a lot better now than it was when "juries" were originally created.
I hope the 'construction' completes soon

+1 for the ideia
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