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[poll] Join the Russian server


Author[poll] Join the Russian server
for Queen:
you are in ru,why don't you care about them?
Queen, ferstain ?
merge servers !!!!!!!
It is possible to merge bouth serves and chose language (fx ru or en) I would say yes.
I have no problem with ru language, but I know, that moust of players there do not speak ru.
for Shkicas:
admins were talking about it,if 2 server will be together,we will have our own forum.
1. yes
I agree with #40 of SirMorphius
But considering the current updates by admin my ans is no.
2. NO

because( my laptop i dont know why) having problem to watch combat log at ru

i dont want this happen at com .
2. No. Remain here and get rid of that lazy wench of empress. We need new blood, official involvement, events, Love, Care and Attention!

Otherwise, 1. Yes. I'm already there.
Ok, seriously then...

1. Yes, but only if English language is allowed and with current character.
If nothing will change with lack of admins attention for our server then I vote for merging .ru and .com with 2 optional game languages and 2 separate forums.

But if admins will finally decided to improve our server via: 1) advertisment which will attract many EN-speaking peoples here(i constantly see ads for about 10 different online-games(money-sucking no-brainers) when I simply doing net-serfing, but I never saw even small LWM banner); 2) many events, tournaments, improvments which will make new players want to stay here for a long time.
This will be online-game of my dream and I'm ready to pay reasonable user charge for this game.
same Answeer as 40: 2012-02-22 12:18:01

for Queen:
You want to join the Russian server or want to remain here?

The answer only
1 yes
2 no
You can write comments here - if you write important information

1. Yes
Comment: Joining the russian server should be done in such conditions that .com players will feel confortable with (like playing in english language and having an english forum). If the conditions are not met the majority of players will decide to leave this game.

Also admins should take into consideration the great pottential of the .com server. With active admins/helpers and some marketing, the number of players can easly outgrow those on .ru server.
My answer in proper form:

1. Yes

Merging the servers? YES!
No. because you - "KOROLEVA" =)
2 no

1) Russian server is a test server for our server, because we've got updates after they were tested at .ru
(It is the main server, but at the same time it also is a test server, you can't deny that fact)

2) I prefer English language. I understand Russian language too, but Russian server is not multi-language friendly, because comments in battles are not based on utf-8, so I can't see Russian text (poor programming).

3) Forums suck. No bold? No colors? No chance to edit your own post? Don't need smileys, but why no Bold? The very strange tradition to close forum topics as soon as possible is very popular on .ru (now I understand why we had such a thing here too). In other games forum topics are closed VERY RARELY. That's why we have so much garbage on forums (the same questions were asked again and again).

4) Every update gives more xp. The next update will give you xp for enrolling too. And thereafter update will give xp for any action made in the game (if you sold something in the market then you get xp, if you repaired artifact then you get xp too, enchanters will be finally awarded with huge xp for their hard work, sending mail will also give xp, writing on forums give xp too, etc.). And everyone on the forums will say: thank you for very good updates! The last update will give the infinity of xp to all players so that everyone would be equal (lvl 20) and everyone would be happy.
Also admins should take into consideration the great potential of the .com server. With active admins/helpers and some marketing, the number of players can easily outgrow those on .ru server.

That is the truth, but some important people don't see it (or don't want to see).
If there are english language forums and everything could be used in english.
1. Yes, if .ru has the English option.
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