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Instant Hunt

AuthorInstant Hunt
Good day all players , today I am going to put forward an Idea that may help make the game better and more enjoyable.

My Idea:
Ass soon as a player does a hunt and finishes it (either wins or loses) another one appears in a single refresh of the page.

That is If I start a hunt , then win it , come back to map and click refresh then I should find another hunt already there.

At first the negatives:
-It might reduce PVP further which to some is undesirable.
-It MAY cause the server to lag a little but if we get more people probably the admins may relize that there's a com server!

The positives now:
- According to what I believe players are here to play that is fight and fight more and not just roam.
That is the reason why you see so many low level players taking to duels and group battles.
However when someone hunts and he finds another hunt he will be tempted to play again instead of his usual hunt,enroll and logoff style.
This will keep the player busy and wanting to play more.
In such a way we can be increasing traffic.
(Amount of players will increase with such update and players will stay on for a long time thus increasing online count)
- This will always result in more battles which means more gold usage as hunts will become stronger and people will be tempted to play still.(more gold usage is what admins want!)
-Above all its more fun and better for all of us , according to me.

All feedback is appreciated.
If you like this idea please help popularize it.

P.S: It's my own IDEA.
well for me it is very good idea +1
but i hardly think it will be implemented..
but I always wonder why the admins even created this forum.
Half the ideas are useless and they are not ready to extract anything from other half :(
i have different opinion.

1. you can do something else in real life in that interval.
2. let say 10 hunts in an hour, 100 hunts in a day (10-12 hours online). in my opinion, will make player boring faster.
3. this will not affect higher level, who hunt level is already red. they can spend hour to finish one hunt. if you do most of your hunt in low level, then your level 8 or 9 hunt will be almost impossible.
4. people do gb not only because they like to fight and fight more. they just like to play gb.
5. this is online game. you can do unlimited hunt daily in offline version (homm).
6. a new hunt immediately after losing a hunt can be exploited by some player.
This is what the hunting license is for, to hunt more often.
I don't see why admins would give up the hunting license functionality and reduce pvp.
agree with cakur, so for that reason -1
agree with cakur, so for that reason -1
Counters, the hunters will be red very soon, and most players will be stuck without can complete the hunters...

Pros, single account player can play more often, only because he will be able to do 1.000.000 hunters per day doesn't mean he will do that amount... He can just make 1 hunt, enrroll and log off... Like it always been.

Everything make this game more faster and competitive is a good idea, are some one complaining about 100% recover after an win? It's follow same logic style...

+1 For the idea.
i dont like recovering after winning
i dont like recovering after winning

you don't have to anymore ;)
sorry. wrote wrong. i dont like now when we have instant recovery after victory
for velniukstis:

ah, ok.
well, if you win a battle, just wait a couple of minutes, and you'll experience no difference ;)
for velniukstis:

(ok ok, sorry... that was a stupid joke, i know it affects all players and changes your experience anyway, no matter if you wait or not...)
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