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I think they should accept mol points for diamonds because I am a kid and dont have a credit card.. So if they accept mol, its easier
mol ?
mol ?
for seanckx:
Go to the grocery store and buy a Visa gift card. (mastercard, discover... etc)
mol ?
maybe he means points you can buy at the mall?
like those giftcards Craig080 is talking about?

Google, makes wonders.
nice one, Nebiros92, haha...

check out the bottom one in that search result :p
A lot of games do "offers" stuff that people can do to earn the good stuff equivalent to Diamonds...that would be smartest thing they could do ^
You can get diamond from gold

Enrol -> Gold -> Diamonds

Real Money -> Diamonds

So you don't need real cash, just patience and enrolling every chance you get
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