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Diamond tradable

AuthorDiamond tradable
not sure is diamond tradable and guess it's not why not make it tradable? if someone want some gold gonna donate 1 Euro = 1 diamon and exchange it for 2500 gold is better to sell it in market for around 9k gold maybe? and ppl will buy it instead of buying 15k once this way both of seller and buyer will get bonus

seller = more gold make per donating = more donates :P
buyer = less price per diamond = more diamonds :))
+1 for idea
-1 as it has bad impacts
theoretically, its not a bad idea. it will motivate player to donate.

however, since diamond use is limited (to castle upgrade and tgi), some player who usually donate and sxchange his diamond for gold, would lower his donate.

also, if it happen, dont expect diamond rate is at 9k. it will be around 13k-14k.
+1 for idea
-1 as it has bad impacts

it could be also used illegally like selling to someone at 2-3k
Well it could work if it was regulated like it can't be transferred but it can only be sold and bought through the market at a fixed price of let's say 10k, but it kills the point of the diamond mine.
+1 for idea
-1 as it has bad impacts

There will be even MORE financial assists.

11. Possibility to transfer diamonds and to buy them from other players.
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