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Spells shortcut

AuthorSpells shortcut
make a bar can have like 3-2 spells in it and you choose which spells you put inside it for fast cast sometime i get tired opening book and choose spell and attack it will be faster if choose your spell from shortcut, everybattle you open the book and drag the spells you want and put in the shortcut the most usefull spell for you for that battle so yeah this will be awesome :)
Height of laziness....xD

Height of laziness....xD
I am here I am lazy, get used to it!

You dont need any spells so you say that :P

it also can be mayde shortcut able to be press by keyboard numbers 1 2 3 4.. :))
YES and maybe we can get ear plugs that read our mind so we dont have to touch the mouse/keyboard just think the spell/next move and it does it
that would be cool i just noticed all ppl who dunn use spells get jelly and start decline O.o

wow u just said what i wanted to! :P
How about auto play?

We dont need to do anything the troops move on own :P
and more ppl who never have spells always get jealous and start saying things out of topic... stay to topic subject plz
+1 .. nothing to do with laziness but with workflow

That would be really helpful.
In shared hunts or PvP that would speed up the game for everyone, not only for casters.
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