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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
Read the spell carefully. The spell turn living troops to undead and it gain drain life abilities.
it's not cast on enermy spell.
I know.. but it seems to suit holy branch than darkness :/
Turning to undead suit drakness right? :O
holy spell is resurrection :D
Ik but vampirism buffs stack instead of debuffing , the mail role of holy magic is to buff and dark is to debuff.
Sound logic. But vampirism give buff and debuff.
Buff = gain abilities undead and life drain.
debuff = morale become 0.
So it's not completely buffing spell. :P
Sel. When is your wedding party? @@
holaaa :D

Me back from nap >.>
felt so sleepy :D

umm, Parteh.. probably after wedding.. :D
lol, seems wedding is canceled, till tomorow, same time.
My fiance cant arrive lol... :O

Something came up just now -,-

Sorry D:.
Reputation is 3.5
thinking of switching to Demon and getting reputation back to 10
Laborers' guild: 2 (357) +3

Yay :)
So tomorrow 1200 hm?
Yes. 12 00
47k to go :(
yes <3
i can't live without it :(
Same here >=D
for ElfMoon:
you have it..
n i don't :P
Yes. That's I'm alive :P
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