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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
Undergrounds of 'Rogues' Wood' are haunted by the malicious 'Phoenixes-monster {0}'. It kills everyone brave enough to get in there! Deal with that problem in 600 minutes.

Award: 73 gold

lets see could i kill this :P
finals of another card tourney
mission accomplished :D
abc is mine
let's see if i win the final round :D
i got 1 abc
overgear = =||

You receive 73 gold, Windflower

ohh 2 k to go :(
again no element :'(
should have taken the finals seriously :P
but my goal was just to reach the finals... well done with that part :D
Ca any1 give me site to download scripts
thx :)
does it work on chrome?/
defeated player in ambush
got 2.3k exp and 2.1 fsp
abc is awesome *.*
does it work on chrome?/

No idea, i never install scripts :P
does it work on chrome?/

yes but not all the scripts work
abc is awesome *.* ikr
1.5 k to go :D :D
not able to install scripts
very annoying -_-
i aint downloading -.-
again no element :'(
use firefox its much simpler than chrome
54k <3
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