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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
got great hunter armor in hunt :P
man , this my 3rd artifact in a week
any doge fans out here ?
no element again ._.
for Igles: what's (or who's ) that ?
not able to install scripts
very annoying -_-
i aint downloading -.-

why it is not downloading??

Pm me if you want any help :)
m not getting it
unzipped it got .js file and opened with firefox and not installing
for Igles:
Much interest
such truth
me swear
i want to die...
no elements x_x
some1 has been buying lot of elements o.O
intend to do what i said and enchant an art?
anony, read the damn clan mail ._.
for Pankaj_Kalra21:
playing from mobile now, nothing i can do
GL wrathies
got a master hunter cutlass :P
OMG what is happening ??
i think that the .com needs to deal with the issue of defection
I have seen too many defections in the past month..
Its like some MC's have become feeder clans for others :/
for Anony-mouse:
Enchanting ruby gladius 5x10
Ur welcome :p
Artifacts durability getting over and not earning much -_-
Elements price r high...
Waiting for an event @[email protected]
yeah.. so high
get 3 elements in last 40+ quests.. still making profits :D
I'm getting nothing
Since 10-15 quests I haven't got one -.-
right time to buy an abc?
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