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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
for ElfMoon:
I can't finish all cambats last few PoT. Time always no enough :/

Guess who is on the leaderboard -_-
Congratz :)
for Wonderla:
Thank :)

for The One Ring:
it was lucky, today is my off day and can finish all battle. Oh no.. actually i have 1 more left :)
Yo ! Me with RR :P
Me too!

Starting in 8 minutes:D
finish all PoT battle :D
Hey Elfmoon what was your maximum level in POT?
lv36 :)
good :)
why is it that some defenses have 7 slots while others have 3-5?
How does that work? :o
1 facility at 1 sector (N,W,S and E) = 3 slots
2 and 3 facilities at same sector = 5 slots
4 facilities at same sector = 7 slots
james faulkner saved RR:)

Guys guess who is sponsoring KXIP this year??
Thanks moony :)

look at his name:P
Yes! Yea!
You receive 50 gold, Windflower, Tiger`s claw
[Post deleted by moderator DEATHisNEAR // 4.4. It is strictly forbidden to use foul language.]
There are rarely from .com community
wow this time the post-announcement is really really late :P
haloo?? anybody there??
gotta start flooding alone now :(
forever alone :P
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