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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
for barb-h2so4:
flooding, thats all :P
Look who is online Jon Battleborn
He finished his story :')
lol MRF's bats are not going to be used anymore, Gautam Gambhir's bat broke from middle, not even from the V-joint, while he was trying to hit a powerful shot, but MRF ruined it all xD
top guy is 800 crystals over me =_=
from me too
For me almost 2k crystals :x
oh you left A&D??
lv30 !
Good night :)
We both are at level 30!
I can not play any more PoT
It can be sometimes too boring..
I want to play PoT.. I can do 10 times..
but I have no time to do it.
And I want to do all 56 combats, but won't be able to do last 7 :(
VIT exam on 11th, so won't be able to play on 10th:(

Do you think PoT come from this idea?
for Wonderla:
Too bad. Good luck to your exam.
I can't finish all cambats last few PoT. Time always no enough :/
Do you think PoT come from this idea?
I believe this:)

for ElfMoon:
mine too e.e
Great idea from DarkLillith and we have a lot fun.
thank you DarkLillith although he can't saw this xD
I wNt recruit phoenix.
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