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Create your dream army!


AuthorCreate your dream army!
Using creatures currently in the game (so up to tier 6 and 1-4 tier upgrades) what would be your dream army

Tier 1: Skelly Bows
Tier 2: Shrews
Tier 3: Cerberi
Tier 4: Royal Griffens
Tier 5: Genies
Tier 6: Cave Demons

A mainly so no elves here and great melee strength army, with a little bit of magic support from genies and cave demons XD.
ME :

Tier 1:Sprites
Tier 2:Elite FK
Tier 3:Grandmaster Bowmen
Tier 4:Lizard Assailants
Tier 5:Liches
Tier 6:Cavalry

Sprites will take over shrew.Grandmaster bowmen will be the shooter.There no magic in this troop but what so good about magic anyways.Lizard assailants will help all troop that atking near them.This is my dream troop:)
for me

Tier 1 : Sprites
Tier 2 : Shrews
Tier 3 : Grandmaster Bowmen
Tier 4 : Misstreses
Tier 5 : Hydra
Tier 6 : Treefolk
Tier 7 : Green Dragons

This is a pretty good army it has shooters like grandmaster bowmen and misstreses and for meele i have shrews and sprites and treefolks block u while dragons reach u from one side to the other one
Everyones dream will be different I hope, I think the whole my army would beat yours etc is pointless as there is no way to try them out... hmm maybe I will dream a battle my army vs yours tonight and tell you what happened.
Tier 1 : Sprites
Tier 2 : Shrews
Tier 3 : Cerberi
Tier 4 : Vampire Counts
Tier 5 : Hydra
Tier 6 : Sphynx warriors
Tier 7 : Titans

^^ almost all have no retal
Nice one veteran that would be a fun army to play I will quickly check what the "Meat" army would be...

Oh and I havent seen anyone in game with tier 7s yet but maybe I missed something...

Tier 1: Poisoners 14 Hps
Tier 2: Enchanted Gargs 20 Hps
Tier 3: Mino Soldiers 35 Hps
Tier 4: Ogre Magi 65 Hps
Tier 5: Hydra 80 Hps
Tier 6: Treefolk 175 Hps

Interesting to note 3 dark elf units in there... um anyways cant say the meat army looks to impressive... (heh vegeterians ftw XD)
Tier 1: Sprites
Tier 2: Wolf Raiders
Tier 3: Orc Chiefs
Tier 4: Lizard Assailants
Tier 5: Monks
Tier 6: Dark witches

High initiative Sprites and triple strike Wolf raiders combine well with Lizard assailants that ill deal tons of extra damage with Assault. The troops are mobile enough, high initiative and speed for the win. Tier 2 an 4 are Large, so can be easily blocked, that's where other shooters come into action taking down the single-unit stacks that block the way. Even more incentive to do that with Orc chiefs' bloodlust. Monks stay back as tanking walls protecting other shooters and shooting occasionally. Dark witches spend all mana first on useful spells like delay or dis ray, and only then start shooting. Sprites are also able to disperse a malicious spell from the vitally important stack in the right moment (like delay or poison from Raiders)
Tier 1: Sprites
Tier 2: xbowman
Tier 3: grandmaster bowman
Tier 4: Anchorites
Tier 5: monks
Tier 6: dark witches

super shooter and caster army i kill u b4 u reach me :) (except sprites but they can cast)
T1: Sprites
T2: Shrews
T3: Grandmaster Bowmen
T4: Lizard assailants
T5: Hydras
T6: Sphynx Warriors
I miss something.My tier 7 troop is behemoth since it is the strongest and highest hp monster.I ll use it to block from atking my grandmaster bowmen and liches.hehehehe
T1:Gremlin Engineer
T3:Modern Golem
T4:Vampire Count
T5:Hydra(Glory to Hydra)
T6:Dark Witchs
T7:Black Dragon
Tier 1 :Poisoners

Tier 2 : Shrews

Tier 3 : Orc Chiefs

Tier 4 : Anchorites

Tier 5 : Unicorn

Tier 6 : Cavalry

Tier 7 : Green Dragons

My army is more of a defensive type :

Poisoners are "Standard Grunts" blocking 4X4 Units , by standing on the "3-rd Tile" using "Tactics". Shrews would hav a different work here : Intead of being offensive , they would go charge and block those Large/Small creatures , from crossing the the other half of the field to the Poisoners. Orc Cheifs would be the main force : Assaulting enemys from far as they will be blocked by Shrews and Poisoners.Anchorites would protect Orc Chiefs from Enemy and would damage "Ranged-Units" with "Lightning" and "Earthern Spikes".Unicorn would be fast enough to cover with shrews and would charge directly to attack with Shrews . Cavalry would be at the base as "High - Defense " and the Green Dragons would charge when Unicorns and Shrews die.
I think this would be the best shooter army

Tier 1: Skel bows
Tier 2: Xbow
Tier 3: GMB
Tier 4: Mistresses
Tier 5: Liches
Tier 6: Cyclops
Tier 1: Sprites- super high initiative
Tier 2: xbowman - no question y not ..dey deliver highest dmg in d game
Tier 3: orc chiefs - versatile with both mellee and ranged
Tier 4: wolf raiders - they are gold
Tier 5: monks- any day ,same no penalties in range or mellee
Tier 6: appritions- they r fast and dangerous
Tier 7: devil- in ambushes u cant kill the damn thing without crossbows :)

li think i left DE , but they dont have any good ranged units...dey can be killed before dey reach ....plus with ranged units with superb mellee i can knock anything and dont forget crossbows :) ..u cant come near me or ur dead meat :)... and devils, appritions attak and later on raiders clean em up :D....
Tier 1: Sprites
Tier 2: Shrews
Tier 3: GMB
Tier 4: Wolf Raiders
Tier 5: Hydras
Tier 6: Treefolk
Tier 7: Twlight Dragon
My Dream Army Would Be:

Tier 1: Sprites
Tier 2: Wolf Raiders
Tier 3: GrandMaster Bowmen
Tier 4: Lizard Assailiants
Tier 5: Hydra
Tier 6: Cavalry
Tier 7: Black Dragons
Tier 1:Sprites

Tier 2:Shrews

Tier 3:Modern golem

Tier 4:Lorekeepers

Tier 5:Liches

Tier 6:Shpinx guardians

Tier 7:Giants

I try to have 1 of every faction, but i didnt put knight or demon troops in cause i dont like knights and demons:-) no offense knights/demons:-)
@14 and 15,
guys, I though you need to know.. someone deceived you greatly in the past :-( Wolf Raiders are tier 2 ;-)
Tier 1: Skelly Bows
Tier 2: Wolf Raiders
Tier 3: Mistresses
Tier 4: Lizard Assailants
Tier 5: Genies or Hell Horses
Tier 6: Sphinx Warriors
Tier 7: Behemoths

Now I think thats an awesome army
the most awesome in my opinion would be:
tier 1-behemoths
tier 2-behemoths
tier 3 titans
tier 4-titans
tier 5- skeleton dragons
tier 6- green dragon
tier 6- cave demons
XD best...team...EVER
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