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Create your dream army!


AuthorCreate your dream army!
Tier 1 - Nothing
Tier 2 - Nothing
Tier 3 - Nothing
Tier 4 - Nothing
Tier 5 - Nothing
Tier 6 - Nothing
Tier 7 - Nothing

You cannot defeat my army!!! muhahaha! (Cuz I dont have an army! xD!)
My army

Tier 1 - Sprite
Tier 2 - Wolf Raider
Tier 3 - Minotaur Soldier
Tier 4 - Mistresses
Tier 5 - Hydra
Tier 6 - Treefolk
Tier 7 - Jade Dragon

If anyone does not ever meet with jade dragon , here the jade dragon pages

Tier 1- Sprite
Tier 2- Wolf Raider
Tier 3- Master Bowmen
Tier 4- Lizard Assialants
Tier 5- Hydra
Tier 6- Treefolk
Tier 7- Giant
My dream army would be:

tier 1:Poisoners-good in melee and good in poisoning
tier 2:Crossbowmans-Must damage
tier 3:GrandMasterBowmans-Double shot and knocking shot
tier 4:Anchorites-Gods of magic
tier 5:Monks-good in both melee and ranged
tier 6:Cave Demons-good spells
tier 7:Devils-nobody flee from them
Tier 1 - imps
Tier 2 - Shrews
Tier 3 - Orcs
Tier 4 - Lizard Riders
Tier 5 - Nightmares
Tier 6 - Knights
Tier 7 - Black Dragons
:D no one will defeat this army)
why imps...
i dont want any tier, i want 999 shrews
green dragons

skelly bowmen



skelly drag


sphnx warrios
mine would be:

tier 1- skeletal bowmen-u can get alot of these
tier 2- titans-very strong and no melee penalty
tier 3- hydra's-i like there special move:spray
tier 4- cavalery-they can do alot of damage
tier 5- skeletal dragon's-they can be resummoned
tier 6- tree folk-they have a special long range move entangled roots

and that is a good army
3-grandmaster bowman
4-ogre magi
5-hell horses
This is what i think
Tier 1-Sprites
Tier 2-Shrews
Tier 3-Grandmaaster Bowmen
Tier 4-Lizard Assailants/Mistresses
Tier 5-Hydra
Tier 6-Spinx/Cavalry
Tier 7-Titans
tier 1 skeletan bowmen
tier 2 shrews
tier 3 orc chiefs
tier 4 lizard assailants
tier 5 deep hydras
tier 6 cavalry
tier 7 green dragons
skells sux without the necro reserve
Tier 1:Sprites
Tier 2:Shrews
Tier 3:Cerberi
Tier 4:Lizard Assailants
Tier 5:Hell horses
Tier 6:Death Envoys
Hehe my high initiative build. U cannot catch me :P
Tier 1:Sprites
Tier 2:Elite Forest Keepers
Tier 3:Cerberi
Tier 4:Shrews
Tier 5:Hydras
Tier 6:Lizard Assailant
Tier 7:Jade Dragon

mine is one-turn-attack-alot tactics
1 poisoners
2 efk
3 aparitions
4 shrews
5 hydras
6 paladins
7 black dragon
ok well my wood be

Tier 1-Skeleton Bowmen
Tier 2-Zombies
Tier 3-Forest keepers
Tier 4-Griffens
Tier 5-Liches
Tier 6-Skeletal Dragons
Tier 1:Titans
Tier 2:Behemoths
Tier 3:Black Dragons
Tier 4:Jade Dragons
Tier 5:Skeletal Dragons
Tier 6:Cave Demons
Even Better Team
Tier 1:Titans
Tier 2:Behemoths
Tier 3:Black Dragons
Tier 4:Jade Dragons
Tier 5:Skeletal Dragons
Tier 6:Cave Demons
Tier 7:Angels
Even better team
1.Skeleton Bowmen
3.Grandmaster Bowmen
6.Sphinx Warrior
7.Jade Dragon
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