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Create your dream army!


AuthorCreate your dream army!
tier 1 : Farmers(1)
tier 2 : Farmers(1)
tier 3 : Farmers(1)
tier 4 : Farmers(1)
tier 5 : Farmers(1)
tier 6 : Farmers(1)
tier 7 : Farmers(1)

The best army XD
tier 1 : spawns
tier 2 : shrews
tier 3 : grand master bowmen
tier 4 : lizard assailants
tier 5 : hell horses
tier 6 : rocs
tier 7 : black dragons

tier 1 : sprites
tier 2 : shrews
tier 3 : orc chiefs
tier 4 : lizard assailants
tier 5 : ladons
tier 6 : pit demons
tier 7 : black dragons
Tier 1: Sprites
Tier 2: Shrews
Tier 3: Cerberi
Tier 4: Lizard Assailants
Tier 5: Hell Horses
Tier 6: Cavalry
Tier 7: Twlight dragons

tier 6 : rocs Rocs aren't tier 6
tier 7 : black dragons Black dragons are upgrades and upgrades are only till tier 4 here
''and upgrades are only till tier 4 here''
Actually they're till tier 5 :S
Tier 1:Vermins
Tier 2:Blood sisters
Tier 3:Poltergeists
Tier 4:Brisk raiders
Tier 5:Zealot
Tier 6:Shadow Mistresses
Tier 7:Crystal dragon

Link to the creatures
Tier 1:spwans
Tier 2:shrews
Tier 3:cerberi
Tier 4:lizard assialants
Tier 5:nightmaries
Tier 6:witches
Tier 7:black dragon
best team for ever!!
hope on this tires there is tactics and expert fortuen talents
Tier 1:sprites
Tier 2:shrews
Tier 3:Grand Master Bowman
Tier 4:Archons
Tier 5:ArchLiches
Tier 6:witches
Tier 7:Titans

With nature "summon phantom" spell :)

witches and archliches for curses

titans,gmb,phantom gmb,archons,phantom archons for ranged

sprites,phantom sprites,shrews,phantom shrews for hit and run tactic when ranged troups are dead :)
Tier 1:Skelly Bows
Tier 2:shrews
Tier 3:Orc chieftans
Tier 4:Mistresses
Tier 5:Monks
Tier 6:Treefolk
Tier 7:Titans

Super shooty, with 3 steady defensive units to prevent anything getting too close. With this army you force your opponent to come in close where you maximise damage. Shrews take out any faster disruptive troops, while orcs take out other shooty opposition to give dominance. Treefolk, provide absolute defence and can hold any large units in place for pin cushion effects.
1- Skelly bows
2- Xbows
3- Orc Cheifs
4- mistresses
5- Clerics
6- Dark witches
7- Titans

MEGA shooter
I recall doing one of these earlier, but I can't remember it and I'm too lazy to find it. I'll do two armies, one will be with one troop from every faction, and the other will be my 'tank' dream army.

'Fair' dream army:
Tier 1-Spawn (demon)
Tier 2-Wolf Raiders (barb)
Tier 3-GMB (elf)
Tier 4-Lizard assailant (DE)
Tier 5-Lich (necro)
Tier 6-Calvary (knight)
Tier 7-Titan (wiz)

This is kind of an okay army actually, WR+LA=pwn, a spellcaster, three shooters... meh

Never die dream army:

Tier 1-Poisoners
Tier 2-Enchanted Gargoyle
Tier 3-Apparitions (you try to kill them on a bad day :P)
Tier 4-Vampire counts
Tier 5-Ladons
Tier 6-Ancient tree folk
Tier 7-Behemoths

^Preferably the user of this army is a wizard with an auto-escort. So he doesn't need to reset it every turn. Think about it, the army is almost impossible to kill, the hero can add defense, cast spells and escort. The battle would last hours :P
tier 1 : Farmers(1)
tier 2 : Farmers(1)
tier 3 : Farmers(1)
tier 4 : Farmers(1)
tier 5 : Farmers(1)
tier 6 : Farmers(1)
tier 7 : Farmers(1)

The best army XD
tier 1 : angels
tier 2 : devils
tier 3 : jade dragons
tier 4 : skelital dragons
tier 5 : behmoths
tier 6 : titans
tier 7 : black dragons
tier 1: sprites
tier 2: shrews
tier 3: cerberi
tier 4: mistresses
tier 5: ladons
tier 6: cyclops
tier 7: angels
my army would be:-
tier 1- Angels
tier 2- Skeletal Dragons
tier 3- Titans
tier 4- Jade Dragons
tier 5- Behemoths
tier 6- Black Dragons
tier 7- Devils

The most deadly army xD

spawn =goodbye mana

shrews=hit and run

GMB=of course double shooting

mitresses=even more shooting

priest=shooting and melee

ladons=thier head will do the job

Heres mine:

1.Skelly Bows
4.Liz Assaults
Super range army
tier 1-poisoners
tier 2-bowman
tier 3-elven bowman
tier 4-succubis
tier 5-monks
others i dont care much
here is mine's another army-
Tier 1- spawns, sprites and poisoners
Tier 2- shrews, efk and enchanted gargs
Tier 3- gmb, orc chiefs and mino soldiers
Tier 4- anchorites, liz assailants and vampire counts
Tier 5- brilliant unis, nightmares and clerics
Tier 6- paladins, ironroot treefolks and dark sybils
Tier 7- black dragons, titans and jade dragons

no one's army can beat this
I will use
tier 1-skell bows
tier 2-apparitions
tier 3-archliches
tier 4-senior genies
tier 5-shrews
tier 6-green dragons
my dream army!!!!!!
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