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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
stup, u wanna play PoT with me tonight?

i'm off after 2-3 hours for 1.5 months..till JEE-Advanced
But why? ;P
For the preparations of JEE Advanced :P
oh. but why?
For the preparations of JEE Advanced :P
for The One Ring:

because the drugs never work
they're gonna give you a smug
cause they've got methods of keepin' you clean
everyone i look at has a better condition of character then mine..

it takes a special talent,u see..
I tried tier 7 creatures
worked for me..
beware the ides of March
you cannot kill the undead muahahaha
cuz i am already dead :x
22 battles over.
No way i can complete this event :(
i dont even intend to
The weather-> so powerful
wind in my hair
I Rule QT with enchants only 3 :)
I just killed em all like hell ! :D yea !!
Nice OP, but stup won QT at 10:10 with no enchants at all except the free ones:p
dude, your arts look awesome..!

look at this guys name..

for Stupefy:
I play Dota2 some people with other language call noob = bobo xD

btw I am lucky today won more bet :)
for Stupefy:
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