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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
phoenix can be about 300 for 1 if we can be able to recruit it e.e
Nah, they would be around 250 for 1, then 310, then 425, and 650, etc.
300 too cheap. 777hp and resurrection 1.5k hp. Totally worth it.
yah :P..

first recruiting should be about 600 crystals ... then 800 :D
2 phoenix rush to middle of battle field to attach enermy attack and defend 2nd turn. 2 stack arc angel stay back and resurrect if needed, otherwise paladin cure.
tanker build.
for ElfMoon:
And other ones can keep some good hitters in your team :P
i am done with PoT now :)
Going for pve again :D
i am done with PoT now :)
same here :P
See my PoT army:)
I want that army forever!
CSK won!!

Hats off to Albie Morkel though:)
Yaay csk won :VV
I wanted DD to win after looking at A morkel innings :(

Sad :(
And I wanted DD to lose by just 1-2 runs after seeing Morkel's batting, and it happened.
When the match started I wanted DD to lose like ever, getting allout at around 80-120 runs:)
for ElfMoon:
Congrats Mate! You have made it to the top 100:D
what is matter with those cat tail clan :-D 20 members in top 100 :-p
not 20 its 30 counting mistake :-p
And I wanted DD to lose by just 1-2 runs

I see you are not supporting RR , Go punjabis :P
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